Karate is a martial art, a form of physical self-defence. But that doesn‘t just mean learning how to win a fight. Along with physical strength and suppleness a lot of work goes into achieving the right frame of mind - a discipline that is meant to carry over into the whole of a person‘s life.


If Karate is about anything at all, it is about self-control over the mind and the emotions. This can allow powerful and effective Karate skills to be developed to a very high degree. For lower grades control means being able to put absolutely all you‘ve got into the moves without hurting either your training partner or yourself. As you progress through the grades the control that you learn will make your techniques far more accurate, balanced, fast and powerful.


To start with you‘ll learn apparently simple things like how to stand correctly, how to move forwards and backwards efficiently, and even how to breathe! The further you progress the more you‘ll find these techniques important and the more difficult they‘ll seem to get right!


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